Candidate list for the upcoming 2022 elections

SOUTH DAKOTA(HubCityRadio)- Here is a list of candidates who have declared and have been approved to run for office in Aberdeen, Brown County, & South Dakota elections for 2022.

If you like to check the full list of candidates, go to the South Dakota Secretary of State’s website.

Symbols are R=Republican, D=Democrat

South Dakota Governor:

Kristi Noem(R)(Incumbent)

Steven Haugaard(R)

Jamie Smith(D)

US Senate:

John Thune(R) (Incumbent)

Bruce Whalen(R)

Mark Mowry(R)

Brian Bengs(D)

US House:

Dusty Johnson(R) (Incumbent)

Taffy Howard(R)

District 1 Senate:

Michael Rohl(R)(Incumbent)

Joe Donnell(R)

Susan Wismer(D)(Decertified)

District 1 House:

Tamara St. John(R)(Incumbent)

Jennifer Healy-Keintz(D)(Incumbent)

Logan Manhart(R)

Steven McCleery(D)

District 3 Senate:

Al Novstrup(R)(Incumbent)

Rachel Dix(R)

District 3 House:

Carl Perry(R)(Incumbent)

Kaleb Weis(R)(Incumbent from District 2)

Brandi Schaefbauer(R)

Richard Rylance(R)

Emily Meier(D)

District 23 Senate:

Bryan Breitling(R)(Incumbent)

Spencer Gosch(R)

District 23 House:

Brandon Black(R)(Aberdeen)

Gregory Brooks(R)(Aberdeen)

James Wangsness(R)(Miller)

Scott Moore(R)(Ipswich)

Brown County Auditor:

Cathy McNickle(R)(Incumbent)

Brown County Sheriff:

Dave Lunzman(R)

Register of Deeds:

Marian Malsam

Brown County Commissioner at-Large:

Chad Fischbach(D)

Drew Dennert(R)

Mike Wiese(R)(Incumbent)

Mike Gage(R)(Incumbent)

Mike Russell(R)

Doug Fjeldheim(R)(Incumbent)

Aberdeen City Council NE District:

Erin Fouberg

Andy Schaunaman

Aberdeen City Council NW District:

Charlotte Liebelt

Jon Boon McNutt

Aberdeen City Council SE District:

Chad Nilson

Kyle Walz

David Novstrup

School Board:

Gayle Bortnam

Michael Bockorny

Duane Alm