2022 Election Results

SOUTH DAKOTA(HubCityRadio)- Here is a list of candidates who have declared and have been approved to run for office in Aberdeen, Brown County, & South Dakota elections for 2022.

* mean projected winner

Symbols are R=Republican, D=Democrat

South Dakota Governor:

*Kristi Noem(R)(Incumbent) (Larry Rhoden for Lt. Governor) 216,732(62%)

Jamie Smith(D)(Jennifer Keints  for Lt. Governor 123,008(35%)

Tracey Quint(L)(Ashley Strand for Lt. Governor) 9,969(3%)

US Senate:

*John Thune(R) (Incumbent) 241,986(70)%

Brian Bengs(D) 90,903(26%)

Tamara Lesnar(L) 14,679(4%)

US House:

*Dusty Johnson(R) (Incumbent) 253,469(77%)

Collin Duprel(L) 73,945(23%)

District 1 Senate:

*Michael Rohl(R)(Incumbent) 6,086(59%)

Susan Wismer(I) 4,247(41%)

District 1 House:

*Tamara St. John(R)(Incumbent) 5,711(32%)

*Joe Donnell(R) 5,127(28%)

Steven McCleery(D) 3,966(22%)

Kay Nikolas(D) 3,186(18%)

District 3 Senate:

*Al Novstrup(R)(Incumbent)

District 3 House:

*Carl Perry(R)(Incumbent) 52%

*Brandi Schaefbauer(R) 48%

District 23 Senate:

*Bryan Breitling(R)(Incumbent)

District 23 House:

*James Wangsness(R)(Miller) 41%

*Scott Moore(R)(Ipswich) 59%

Brown County Commissioner at-Large:

Chad Fischbach(D) 6,212(22%)

*Drew Dennert(R) 8,594(29%)

*Mike Wiese(R)(Incumbent) 7,135(25%)

*Mike Gage(R)(Incumbent) 7,118(25%)

South Dakota Secretary of State:

Thomas Cool(D) 119,832(36%)

*Monae Johnson(R) 212,056(64%)

South Dakota Attorney General:

*Marty Jackley(R)

South Dakota State Auditor:

*Richard Sattgast(R)(Incumbent) 206,352(63%)

Stepanie Marty(D) 105,021(32%)

Rene Meyer(L) 17,981(5%)

South Dakota State Treasurer:

*Josh Haeder(R)(Incumbent) 219,030(67%)

John Cunningham(D) 107,781(33%)

South Dakota Commissioner of School and Public Lands:

*Brock Greenfield(R) 215,447(67%)

Timothy Azure(D) 107,385(33%)

South Dakota Public Utilities Commissioner:

*Chris Nelson(R)(Incumbent) 226,845(69%)

Jeff Barth(D) 105,269(31%)

Ballot Measures:

Amendment D(Expansion of Medicaid)

*Yes 191,781(56%)

No 149,415(44%)

Initiated Measure 27(Legalizaion of Recreational Marijuana)

Yes 163,361(47%)

*No 183,079(53%)