Candidates comment on the upcoming summer studies involving regional jails

ABERDEEN, S.D.(HubCityRadio)- On Thursday various candidates for different seats in the city, council, & legislative seats commented on the summer study & legislative task force dealing with regional jails, especially for the one here in Brown County.

Andy Schaunaman, who’s running for the city council for the Northeast District comments about big an issue this is.

Brown County Commissioner Mike Wiese who will be on the legislative task force this summer talks about what they hope to accomplish.

Brown County Commissioner Mike Gage comments on what he hopes to see from the summer study.

Drew Dennert who’s running for one of the county seats talks about setting this up for the long term.

Representative Carl Perry who will be on a summer study talks about what the study should be about.

Senator Al Novstrup who is also on the same summer study as Perry talks about what he hopes to learn.

Representative Kaleb Weis comments on making sure a plan is in place that would benefit the area & the state.

Candidate for District 3 Brandei Schaefbauer is concerns about financing but expresses concern about the safety for the officers working there.

Candidate for District 1 Logan Manhart is in agreement with everyone regarding the potential cost for a facility.

Other legislators from our area that will be on the summer study are Senators Michael Rohl of Aberdeen & Bryan Breitling of Miller.