Candidates define what it means to be a Republican

ABERDEEN, S.D.(HubCityRadio)- The Brown County Republicans hosted a Candidate Forum on Monday night.  Candidates from Districts 1, 3, & 23 were invited.  The only one unable to attend was District 23 Representative Scott Moore due to a schedule conflict.  Candidates were asked to define what it means to be a Republican in South Dakota in 2024.  Here’s are their responses.

District 1 House:

Representative Tamara St. John:(1:09)

Logan Manhart:(1:43)

Chris Reder:(1:04)

District 23 House:

Representative J.D. Wangsness:(1:15)

Spencer Gosch:(:45)

District 3 Senate:

Representative Carl Perry:(1:01)

Katie Washnok:(1:23)

District 23 Senate:

Mark Lapka:(:25)

Steve Roseland:(1:24)

Republican Primary is Tuesday, June 4th.  Early voting going on now through June 3rd.