Car thefts in Rapid City decline compare to 2020

RAPID CITY, S.D.(KOTA)- While declining over 2020’s numbers, Rapid City’s 514 car thefts in 2021 is most comparable to the 584 seen in Fargo – a much larger metro area.

Fargo being one of the cities the Rapid City Police Department compared its numbers to for the 2021 crime report.

For reference, Fargo’s metro population estimate is roughly 250,000 – while Rapid City hovers closer to 145,000.

Brendyn Medina, spokesperson for the Rapid City Police Department, said car thefts are frequently another crime of opportunity.

Medina said “carjacking” is usually not how vehicles get stolen in Rapid City.

Medina said the vehicle isn’t always the first target.

Theft crimes did trend downward in Rapid City generally in the last year.