Cattle producers discuss issue of missing cattle

PIERRE, S.D.(DRGNews)- When bringing cattle and calves back in from summer pasture, it’s not unusual for the head count to be one or two head short, but a state brand inspector in north central South Dakota says that doesn’t necessarily mean the grower has lost that income.

Kyle Rossow (ross-o) lives east of Herried and works the livestock auction barns in Mobridge and Herried.

Rossow, who has been a state brand inspector for about a decade, says some missing cattle issues get sorted out when brand inspectors check over the animals brought to the sale barn to be sold.

Some cattle producers have cut back the size of their herd because of drought killing off pasture, natural water stock dams drying up and the rising cost to feed the animals when they’re off pasture. Rossow says while theft numbers aren’t necessarily increasing when compared to previous years, he isn’t surprised the thefts are happening.

Rossow encourages anyone who sees suspicious activity– especially at night– to contact the local sheriff’s office immediately.