Chris Reder talks about his candidacy for District 1 House

ABERDEEN, S.D.(HubCityRadio)-  The CEO of DTOM 22/0 Ranch Chris Reder announced in March that he will run as a Republican for the South Dakota House seat in District 1.

Reder talks more about himself.

Reder talks about his motivation to run.

Reder’s platform will focus on South Dakota veterans.

Reder offer his take on being a Republican in South Dakota in 2024.  His main focus was on private property rights.

Reder talks about why Republican voters should vote for him based on his record compared to the incumbent for District 1 Representative Tamara St. John.

District 1 House Candidates on the Republican side is St. John, Reder, and Logan Manhart.  The primary will take place on Tuesday, June 4th.