Citizens from 17 states ask to conserve energy due to extreme cold weather

MADISON, S.D.(DakotaRadioGroup)- Due to the current widespread and extreme cold weather conditions, people in 17 states in the central part of the United States are being asked to conserve energy to help reduce the demands on the electrical power grid.

Chris Studer with East River Electric Cooperative says the Southwest Power Pool is requesting people conserve energy for 48 hours now through Tuesday night to mitigate the risk of widespread and extended outages throughout the region.


He says wind power generation recently has been low, which is compounding the situation.


Studer says power companies do have operating reserves, but…..


People with questions should contact their power provider.

Tips to conserve energy include:

  • turning your thermostat down a few degrees
  • delaying the use of large appliances
  • turning off unnecessary lights

SPP is a regional transmission organization that oversees the bulk electric grid and wholesale power market in the central United States on behalf of a group of utilities and transmission companies in 17 states.