City Council candidate Andy Schaunaman’s statement following Monday’s city council meeting

ABERDEEN, S.D.(HubCityRadio)-  Candidate for the NE District, Andy Schaunaman released the following statement following the City Council meeting that took place on Monday:

“Why is a sitting council member making false allegations against me?

I’m under attack for saying I have conservative principles.  False accusations were made against me at a recent council meeting and it’s all over the press.

The mayor did not talk to me about what occured in executive session and I have no inside knowledge about what occurred in closed door meetings.  My point is figurative and valid.

The councils’ voting record is public and there is a 5-4 split on every partisan issue.  It’s not a stretch to apply the “one vote” principal to every politically divisive topic; masks, forced closures, personnel.

Our city’s future depends on electing people who will be fiscally responsible during these unprecedented times of inflation.

I’ve met with dozens of citizens during this campaign.  By and large, they are proud of the direction Aberdeen has been going under conservative leadership, but discouraged in the course of the country under liberal control.  They are concerned with rapidly rising costs.  They are frustrated with the condition of roads and infrastructure.

There are people who would like to become council members in order to spend money in new ways and on projects the city has never financed before.  We are not in a climate where that is practical or advisable.  We are cutting back our existing road maintenance and reconstruction projects due to cost- we must be conservative and spend money on the necessities.  This is not the city council’s money.  It belongs to the taxpayers.

The truth is, I chose to run knowing I would be embarassed and attacked because I believe good people need to stand up and do what is right even with adversity.

The NE city council race has two well qualified candidates, each with differing views.  This election does matter and you will decide.