City Council passes ordinance on truck routes, load limits

ABERDEEN, S.D.(APD Facebook Post) – The Aberdeen City Council passed an ordinance that establishes truck routes, sets axle and tire load limits to help prevent unnecessary damages to City roadways. The links to view the City Ordinance, Truck Route Map, and Permits Options are on the City of Aberdeen Website under the Engineering Department and listed as City Load Limit Information.

The City Council as well as its Departments have fielded a considerable number of calls related to the large increase in Thru Truck traffic on many of the City’s roadways that are listed as Primary Truck Routes. The Primary Truck Routes are not intended for usage as Thru Routes. In order to improve safety on these routes, restrictions to the Truck type will be implemented. The restrictions will be placed on Trucks pulling double/pup trailers. Those trucks will need to traverse Non-Restricted routes intended for the Thru Route usage.

The Changes related to the double/pup trailer restriction will be for the following roads:
Melgaard Road from S 5th St. to S Roosevelt St.
8th Ave N from the 281 By-Pass to N Roosevelt St.
Fairgrounds Road from N 5th St to N Roosevelt St.…/…/931/Truck-Route-Map…