City of Aberdeen to be picking up tree branches fallen due to the ice storm

ABERDEEN, S.D.(Press Release)- The City of Aberdeen Forestry Division along with other City crews will be out picking up branches that have fallen from boulevard trees. Everything will get picked up, but it may take until next week. Damage from private property trees will be the responsibility of the homeowner or property owner and will not be picked up by the city.

Due to the large amount of damage, please only call if the boulevard tree branch is blocking the street or has fallen and is blocking access to a house or alley. More damage and falling trees are expected throughout the day on Thursday and possibly Friday. Again, only call if the branch is blocking access and creating an emergency.

City Forester, Aaron Kiesz states that it is best to not knock the ice off branches or young trees that are bent over. Removing the ice can frequently cause more damage to the tree then if left alone. Many times young trees will recover their natural shape.