City of Fort Pierre cracking down on vacation rentals

FORT PIERRE, S.D.(DRGNews)- The City of Fort Pierre is cracking down on vacation rentals.

AirBnB or Vrbo type rentals are not allowed in residential areas, but a group of town residents came to this week’s Fort Pierre City Council meeting (April 17, 2023) to complain about one operating in their neighborhood.

Currently, Mayor Gloria Hanson and Public Works Director Rick Hahn say there are no licensed vacation rentals in Fort Pierre, so there shouldn’t be any listed– anywhere.

Hanson and Hahn appreciated that the concerned citizens brought the issue to the Council’s attention.

One person asked how city officials resolve the issue of an unlicensed vacation rental, prompting this exchange.

While not allowed in residential areas, Fort Pierre city ordinances do permit properly licensed vacation rentals in four zoning districts: General Commercial, Highway Commercial, Park/Riverfront/Fairground and Planned Development.