City of Pierre approve upcoming study to deal with electricity

PIERRE, S.D.(DRGNews)- From cell phones and smart televisions to air conditioners and electric vehicles, humans are using increasing amounts of electricity every day. During peak use– such as during extended periods of very hot or very cold weather– some electric companies have to conduct rolling power outages to keep their system from shutting down completely.

Pierre City Utilities Director Brad Palmer says they are looking at possibly building some sort of electricity generation capability into the town’s current system.

The City of Fort Pierre has a generation station that the town can fire up to help ease the load on the electrical grid. Palmer says he’s looking at something similar.

Palmer says what he’s looking at would be powered by gas or diesel.

He says DGR Engineering will also look at possible locations for the generators.

Palmer says DGR will guide city officials through the feasibility study process.

The Pierre City Commission unanimously approved the $29,000 requested to pay for the study.