City of Sturgis biggest issue with the motorcycle rally so far is open container violations

STURGIS, S.D.(KBHB) – In their Monday rally report, the city of Sturgis says open container violations continue to be their top problem – as police continue to inform rally patrons about the open container situation.

The city allowed open container for the first time ever at this year’s Rally. However, beer or wine must be in a special event cup. The open container must also be within a special designated boundary downtown.

Sturgis Public Information Officer Christina Steele says as law enforcement talk to more people, it has gotten better.

As of the latest report, police have not arrested anybody for open container, but have issued 859 warnings so far.

As for police matters, drug arrests remain down, but D.U.I.’s within Sturgis are up.

Police report just 3 felony drug arrests.

However, police have made 27 D.U.I. arrests so far, up 8 over last year at this time, and have given out 39 parking citations. That too, is up over last year.

In all, police have made 42 non-traffic arrests and 78 traffic arrests.

So far, 46 subjects have been jailed. That is down 17 from last year on this date.

As for city-related numbers, Steele says vendor licenses continue their upward trend.

Steele says garbage collection remains up over last year, an indication this year’s rally is definitely much larger than in 2019.