City of Sturgis held elections on Tuesday

STURGIS, S.D.(KBHB) – Voters in Sturgis Tuesday decided to end the current city manager form of government and resoundingly said they do not want the city to spend money on a proposed flat track race downtown.

By a vote of 1,032 to 437, voters rejected a recent council vote that would have the city enter into a contract with A.M.A. Racing to host a flat track race on the final day of this year’s Rally.

Citizens were concerned about a five year contract with the city paying hundreds of thousands of dollars each year to cover barriers needed for the race.

Representatives from A.M.A. Racing had spent the past week in Sturgis hoping to change the negative perception the public seemed to have towards the race. A.M.A. C.E.O. Gene Crouch was asked about what happens if citizens turn down the contract.

Sturgis Mayor Angela Wilkerson said she and the council will discuss the next steps at the council meeting on Monday.

Meanwhile, voters also decided to end the city manager form of government on an 844 to 622 vote.

Sturgis Director of Communications Deb Holland say once the votes are canvassed by the Sturgis City Council at its meeting Monday night, the Sturgis City government changes from an aldermanic form of government, where a city manager is employed, to an aldermanic form of government with a mayor who is now the chief executive officer.

The mayor is responsible and accountable for the day-to-day administration of city government. The city council still maintains its legislative role.

“We are now faced with the reality of implementing the changes brought on by the election. It is a dauting task to say the least,” Wilkerson said. “I’m confident we can iron out the details to provide for a smooth transition for the city staff, our residents and local business community.”