City of Sturgis release housing study

STURGIS, S.D.(KBHB) – Sturgis Economic Development Corporation says a new housing study has offered valuable insights into the current state of housing in Sturgis.

S.E.D.C. Executive Director Amanda Anglin says they worked in collaboration with the Augustana Research Institute and the City of Sturgis on the study.

Anglin says it represents a significant milestone in understanding and addressing housing challenges in the community.

Anglin believes they are at a pivotal point in the housing journey.

The study indicates Sturgis is in dire need of multi-family living.

Anglin says a big challenge, according to the study, is that 25-percent of the population in Sturgis is housing burdened – or they spend more than 30-percent on housing costs.

She says they are committed to using these findings to inform policy decisions and collaborative initiatives aimed at addressing housing challenges in Sturgis.

A formal presentation of the study’s findings will be given at the Sturgis City Council meeting on Monday, April 15.