Climate update for the fall in the region

LINCOLN, N.E.(WNAX)- The climate outlook for the next few months continues to be more of the same.

Brian Fuchs, with the Drought Mitigation Center at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, says September temperatures will be above normal.

Fuchs moderated this month’s North Central Region Climate update. He says below normal rain is expected next month.

Fuchs says there isn’t much change expected in the fall outlook for September, October and November.

Fuchs says they also expect to see drought conditions expand back across the northern plains.

The climate experts are saying we could experience another season of La Nina.

South Dakota State Climatologist Laura Edwards says it’s a fairly rare event.

Edwards says there are mixed predictions for fall into early winter.

Edwards says she is starting to get questions about the first frost.

Edwards says weather trends for the next month lean toward warmer and drier than normal.