Comments from legislators outside Aberdeen that appeared at this past weekend’s Cracker Barrel

ABERDEEN, S.D.(HubCityRadio)- This past Saturday was the first of the four scheduled Cracker Barrels that takes place at NSU.  Legislators from Districts 1, 3, & 23 appeared.  Our focus is about some issues that was addressed following the Cracker Barrel with legislators from Districts 1 & 23.

District 23 Senator Bryan Breitling talks about his Senate bill dealing with regional jails.

Breitling also comment on a bill dealing with the potential repeal of the grocery tax going through the South Dakota House.

District 23 House member Scott Moore talks about the bill dealing with surveys and the landowners’ opinion on that.

Another issue is a Senate bill allowing the Governor to select his or her Lieutenant Governor & placing the Attorney General & Secretary of State candidates to the voters instead of the convention.  One legislator supporting this is District 23 Representative JD Wangsness.

District 1 House member Joe Donnell’s first act after being sworn in as a House of Representative was introducing Governor Kristi Noem on inauguration day.  Donnell talks how that came about.

Donnell is working on bill dealing with future South Dakota elections.

District 1 Representative Tamara St. John gave her reaction to the State of the Tribe speech that was delivered in the first week.

St. John was on the task force dealing with the Social Studies Curriculum.  She talks about how teachers on that committee worked on the curriculum.

The next Cracker Barrel is scheduled for 10am, Saturday February 4th, at the Kessler’s Champions Club Room inside the Barnett Center at NSU.