Commission approves placement of fence surrounding Governor’s Residence

PIERRE, S.D. (KCCR) – The Capitol Complex Restoration and Beautification Commission approved the placement of a proposed security fence to surround the Governor’s Residence in Pierre. Public Safety Secretary Craig Price says South Dakota is one of only three states where the Governor’s Residence is not protected with a barrier.

Bureau of Administration Commissioner Scott Bollinger says they expect bid proposals within the next week.

Bollinger says the fence will be eight feet tall.

The new fence will allow the public access to Capitol Lake off the back yard of the Residence.

CCRB Commission Chairman Tim Engle of Pierre says the time is probably right for the fence.

The fence will include the main gate, two maintenance gates on the north side off East Cabot Street and a walk-through gate off the back yard to allow the Governor’s family access to Capitol Lake.