Committee kills bill requiring that birth certificates reflect biological sex

PIERRE, S.D. (KJJQ) – The South Dakota House Health and Human Services Committee kills a bill to require that birth certificates reflect biological sex.

The measure was brought by Distrcit 4 Representative Fred Deutsch of Florence who has brought a number of bills dealing with transgender matters in past years. He says the law on birth certificates is currently not clear in South Dakota.


He says there are important public health reasons for accurate sex classification including death rates.

Among those testifying against the measure, former South Dakota Attorney General Roger Tellinghusen. He says this is an anti transgender bill.

Representatice Erin Healy of Sioux Falls also spoke against the bill. She says the number of cases this covers is not statistically significant to state records.

The measure was moved to the 41st day on a 7-6 vote, effectively killing the bill.