Compassionate Conference this week at state penitentiary

SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (KXLG) — The state penitentiary is the location of the 2019 “Compassionate Conference” this Saturday. Organizer Lawrence Diggs of Roslyn, who is the Buddhist Chaplain at the Prison, says the conference is a multi-religious event sponsored by the ecumenical Compassionate Outreach Group at the prison. More than 90 inmates and others from the outside are expected to participate.

Diggs is hopeful the inmates can learn some small things like please, thank-you, and excuse me, adding that it’s that kind of compassion that can change prisoner behaviors in a positive way.

He says that showing compassion in a prison requires a whole new way of thinking and interacting.

The day-long event Saturday will be held in the Prison’s Hill Chapel.