Congress looking to settle the budget this week

WASHINGTON, D.C.(WNAX)- Members of Congress are struggling to come up with a budget compromise that will fund the government and allow them to go home for the holidays.

South Dakota Senator Mike Rounds says they are working to agree on a omnibus spending bill.

Rounds says republicans are resisting adding additional spending.

Rounds says they are running out of time to reach an agreement.

House republicans are pressuring Senators to only pass a short-term continuing resolution to next month when they take control.

South Dakota Senator Mike Rounds says those public statements are only for show.

Rounds says republicans in the House would not be ready to take on budget work early in the session.

Rounds says the Senate has to take the responsible course.

Members of Congress will have a one point seven trillion, forty-one-hundred-page omnibus spending bill to digest and pass by the end of the week.