Congressman Dusty Johnson review the lame duck session & preview the 118th U.S. Congress

SOUTH DAKOTA(HubCityRadio)- Congressman Dusty Johnson took a look back on the final month of the 117th U.S. Congress & looked ahead to the start of 118th Congress.

Johnson attended the unveiling of the new B21 Raider that will appear at Ellsworth Air Force Base.

Johnson talks about the economic impact it could have to the region & the state of South Dakota.

The National Defense Authorization Act was passed during the lame duck session.  One aspect that got eliminated was the mandatory vaccine for COVID-19.  Congressman Johnson address when he believe it would be appropriate to eventually require it.

Johnson address the RESPECT Act that was signed by the President on Tuesday.

Johnson explains his opposition to the Respect for Marriage Act.

One bill he did opposed was the 1.7 trillion dollar Omnibus Bill.

Johnson normally does not support continuous resolutions(CRs), but might have considered it for this and explains why.

Looking ahead to 2023, one of the first votes will be for the new Speaker of the House.  Johnson offers his support for Representative Kevin McCarthy.

Johnson feels this process needs to be decided as soon as possible.

The 118th U.S. Congress begins on Tuesday, January 3rd, 2023.