Congressman Johnson address concerns with China

WASHINGTON, D.C.(KJJQ)- South Dakota Congressman Dusty Johnson is very concerned with the threat
posed to the U.S. by China.

He’s a member of House Select Committee on China — which has made a point of showing bipartisan unity on their mission: protecting U.S. economic and technological interests.

Johnson says the Chinese Communist Party “is a threat to our country and to every freedom loving country.

He says it’s time for America to wake up.

China remains an important trade partner and Johnson says that can continue but the U.S. needs to use caution and diversify.

He has introduced a bill to ban Chinese ownership of American farmland and ag processing.

Johnson says the committee will also scrutinize Chinese ownership of tech firms, including TikTok.

He says they’ve been making progress on TikTok, banning it from U.S. Government devices, but more needs to be done.