Congressman Johnson address the debt ceiling bill that passed & the latest on the Southern Border

WASHINGTON, D.C.(HubCityRadio)-  Congressman Dusty Johnson commented on the Limit, Save, Grow bill that passed dealing with the debt ceiling.

Congressman Johnson address repealing the Green New Deal items that was passed from the Inflation Reduction Act.

Reports out there are saying that the bill passed will have cuts on Veterans Affairs.  Johnson denies it.

Johnson also address the defunding of portions of the IRS budget included in this bill.

The bill passed on a 217-215 vote with no Democratic support.  The bill would move on to the U.S. Senate where it’s not expected to be brought up.  If the Senate does bring it up, for it to pass would need 60 votes unless you eliminate the filibuster.  Johnson is opposed to getting rid of the filibuster.

Another issue Congressman Johnson was what’s happening with the Southern Border.  Coming up in May, President Biden is schedule to end Title 42.  Johnson explains what Title 42 does.

Title 42 is set to expire on May 11th.  During that week, there’s a possible the House could vote on a bill dealing with the border.  Johnson explains what the bill is about.

The bill could also include building the wall that was voted on during President Trump’s administration.