Congressman Johnson comment following Speaker McCarthy announcing his plan to call for an impeachment inquiry

ABERDEEN, S.D.(Press Release)- Some of South Dakota’s elected officials have commented on US House Speaker Kevin McCarthy’s call for an official impeachment inquiry into President Joe Biden.

This inquiry would be in regards to allegations the President enriched himself and his son Hunter through foreign business deals and Hunter’s personal business activities.

Little evidence so far has been presented to suggest such a connection.

Governor Kristi Noem tweeted Tuesday the American people deserve to know the truth about potential corrupt business dealings.

Representative Dusty Johnson tweeted the following after Speaker Kevin McCarthy announced an interest in an impeachment inquiry:

“Conducting oversight is a key constitutional responsibility of Congress. Given the unsettling information uncovered about Hunter Biden’s business dealings, it’s important that Congress dig deeper to determine whether or not the President has been involved. That’s why an impeachment inquiry is warranted.”

when asked back in August Johnson said he feels there is no harm in digging deep.

So far Senators John Thune and Mike Rounds, who would be part of any trial held in the senate should House Republicans go through with successfully impeaching President Biden, have so far not commented on the proceedings.