Congressman Johnson discuss the passage of the Fiscal Responsibility Act

ABERDEEN, S.D.(HubCityRadio)- The U.S. Congress this week passed the Fiscal Responsibility Act on a bipartisan vote to avoid a default of the country’s debt.  Congressman Dusty Johnson was a main contributor in the negotiations of the act.

Johnson comment on how important it was to avoid the default.

Johnson addressed the issue of work requirements associated with the act.

Johnson talks about whether an eighteen-year-old who’s attending college can be qualified for the SNAP program.

Johnson talks about what funding will be going to the IRS in this act.

One concession Republicans made was to the student loan forgiveness is still eligible for now.  Johnson believes the U.S. Supreme Court will override that.

The final tally in the U.S. House was 314-117 in favor with more Democrats(165) supporting this than Republicans(149).  Johnson said don’t read to much into this.

One element of the bill that bother Democrats especially on the Progressive wing of the party was the Mountain Valley Pipeline.  Johnson compares this to the CO2 pipeline trying to be done by Summit Carbon Solutions.

President Biden signed the bill into law Saturday.