Congressman Johnson provide updates on variety of bills

ABERDEEN, S.D.(HubCityRadio)- Congressman Johnson prior to speaking to members at Boys State on Tuesday provided an update on what’s happening in Washington.

The main focus was on the Farm Bill that passed the House Ag Committee last week.

Congressman Johnson talks about some of the provisions he wanted implemented that for now is in the bill.

Johnson also talk about how this would benefit South Dakota compare to other states.

Johnson also talks how this would benefit the livestock industry.

Johnson talks about what percentage of this bill is benefiting farmers & ranchers.

Johnson talks about how the Federal Government can afford the bill with the deficit approaching $35 trillion.

Johnson feels no House action will take at this time but would hope the Senate Ag Committee passes their bill soon to hash out the differences.

Johnson moved on to talk about the NDAA that got passed last year in the House Committee.

Johnson feels this could see a vote on the House Floor in the next few weeks.

Johnson also update how the budget process is coming for 2024.

The deadline for all these bills is September 30th which coincidentally Congressman Johnson’s birthday.  He’s not optimistic they will be done by that time.

The debt ceiling is scheduled to expire at the start of 2025.