Congressman Johnson reflect on the Continuing Resolution passes by Congress on Saturday

WASHINGTON, D.C.(HubCityRadio)- This past Saturday, the U.S. Congress passed a 45-day continuing resolution to fund the government through November 17th. Congressman Dusty Johnson reacted to the passage of the resolution which coincidentally occurred on his birthday.

Congressman Johnson talked about the CR that didn’t pass on Friday dealing with funding for the southern border.

Johnson talked about having to work with Democrats on Saturday to get to the 218 votes needed to pass the resolution.

Johnson explains that the vote on Saturday needed 2/3 majority.

Johnson in the past has been reluctant to pass CRs, but this one he did vote for & explains why.

On Monday night, Congressman Matt Gaetz(R/FL) put the motion to vacate in place to remove Speaker Kevin McCarthy from his post.  Congressman Johnson reacts.

Johnson express frustration about potentially going through this process.

Johnson believes the Democrats in the House will go along with Representative Gaetz.

The U.S. House voted 216-210 to oust Representative Kevin McCarthy as Speaker of the House.