Congressman Johnson takes questions from Aberdeen Roncalli students

ABERDEEN, S.D.(HubCityRadio)- On Monday afternoon, Congressman Dusty Johnson visited with students from Aberdeen Roncalli.  Johnson told the students what’s it like being the lone congressman from the state of South Dakota.

Before taking questions from the students, Johnson told them how many U.S. Congressmen represent predominately rural location across the country.

Johnson tells the students what his normal schedule is during the year.

Johnson started fielding questions from the students.  One of the them asked how much money he makes as a politician.  Johnson tells them about the budget that he’s allowed to spend during the course of a year.

Johnson was asked about the separation of power taking place in Washington.

Johnson explains the same rules apply for local as well as state levels.

Johnson was asked what he liked and not liked about being in Washington.

Johnson also express some frustration about some of his colleagues he works with in Washington and compares that with what can happen in schools.

Johnson was asked when he’s running for office, how he’s able to people to vote for him.

Congressman Johnson took the time to take pictures with students and staff at Aberdeen Roncalli.