Congressman Johnson talks about the process that led to Speaker Kevin McCarthy

WASHINGTON, D.C.(HubCityRadio)- Last week was at times contentious inside the U.S. House as Representatives were trying to elect the next Speaker of the House.

Congressman Johnson talks about how in the end it led to Representive Kevin McCarthy of California to become the next Speaker of the House for the next two years.

Johnson talks about the frustration early on in the week.

Johnson talked about his role in negotiating the voted needed for McCarthy.

On Friday, when McCarthy was on the brink of being Speaker, I asked if it was time to get Democrats involved by voting present.  Johnson felt it was important for Republicans to get together to make McCarthy Speaker.

After the 14th vote for Speaker failed, the U.S. House was set to adjourn and resume on Monday but elected not to.

Johnson explains why.

The U.S. House on Monday voted 220-213 for the rules to be in place for the next two years.  Johnson discuss a few of those rules.

Johnson compares Speaker McCarthy’s role to that of the previous Speaker Nancy Pelosi.

U.S. House will have tackle issues like the debt ceiling, the southern border, inflation among of other things.