Congressman Johnson talks about the Select Committee on China

WASHINGTON, D.C.(HubCityRadio)- Congressman Dusty Johnson back in January was selected to serve on a committee dealing with China & how much of a threat the country is to the United States.

Congressman Johnson comments on what the point of the committee is.

Johnson comment on how this could impact the supply chain going forward.

Johnson talks about how this committee can help improve the U.S. military.

Last week a “spy” balloon from China made its way through the U.S. before being taken down in the Atlantic Ocean just east of South Carolina.  Johnson discuss how President Biden’s administration handled the situation.

Johnson address the issue of TikTok.

Johnson talks about food security especially with the soybean market.

The focus of the committee is how much of a threat China is.  Congressman Johnson reminds everyone to not forget other countries around the world that do not the U.S. can’t be taken lightly.

The Select Committee of China will consist of 22 representatives, 13 Republicans & 9 Democrats.