Covid-19 Vaccine update in the Yankton area

YANKTON, S.D.(WNAX)- Despite some slowing numbers of Covid-19 infections, the pandemic is not over.

Dr Mike Pietila is in charge of the ICU at Avera Sacred Heart Hospital in Yankton.

Pietila says vaccinations offer protection to those getting the shots and the people around them,

Pietila says the ICU has been full for the past few days with one patient coming in as one goes out.

Covid-19 booster shots have been approved for those that received the Pfizer immunization earlier this year.

Liz Healy, infection control specialist with Avera Sacred Heart Hospital in Yankton, says they are getting guidance on the other brands.

Healy says they hope that encourages more people to get the Moderna booster.

Healy says those that got the Johnson & Johnson shot can also get a booster.

Healy says the vaccines continue to help hold down infection numbers.