Dakotans for Health wants to push back HJR5003 to November 2022 elections

YANKTON, S.D.(WNAX)- South Dakota legislators this session passed a Joint Resolution (HJR5003) that would put a constitutional amendment on the June 2022 ballot that if passed, would require a sixty percent voter approval of any initiated law or amendment that would spend ten million dollars or more over ten years.

Rick Weiland, with the group “Dakotans for Health” says they asked the Secretary of State to approve a referral petition.

Weiland says they have filed legal papers with the state Supreme Court.

Weiland says they need the Court to make a speedy ruling.

“Dakotans for Health” is working toward a vote on a constitutional amendment to expand Medicaid insurance coverage, which they estimate would cover an additional forty-two thousand people who don’t currently have health insurance.