Dell Rapids School District installing vaping sensors in bathrooms

DELL RAPIDS, S.D. ( — The Dell Rapids School District is installing vaping sensors in school bathrooms.

Some kids don’t like it.

Superintendent Summer Shultz says some newly installed soap dispensers at a school were vandalized because the students thought they concealed vaping sensors.

Shultz says the school district is trying to be above board about this to stop a growing problem.


The sensors are not being installed in the toilets or the soap dispensers. They’re up on the ceiling in the bathrooms or high up on the wall. The sensors are sensitive to vaping emissions and schools officials will know.

She says there is an added benefit to this technology. The vaping sensors also detect loud noises, so if bullying is going on in the bathroom, school officials may be able to get a heads-up.

It’s unclear how many other school systems in South Dakota have or may be considering vaping sensors.

Vaping is linked to hundreds of illnesses nationwide, including some in South Dakota.

The U.S. Surgeon General says teen vaping has become an “epidemic.”