Democratic candidates react to Tuesday night’s Primary results

ABERDEEN, S.D.(HubCityRadio)- On Tuesday night, the people of Brown County & South Dakota voted in the elections for a variety of different positions. Candidates reacted to the results as they were coming in.

Governor Noem won her primary against Representative Steven Haugaard.  That came as no surprise to Democratic candidate for Governor Jamie Smith.

Smith address the Republicans that didn’t vote for Governor Noem.

Amendment C went down to defeat on Tuesday’s election.  Smith was pleased to see that result.

Senator John Thune also won his primary easily over the challengers Bruce Whalen & Mark Mowry.  Democratic candidate Brian Bengs congratulated Thune for his victory.

Bengs also address those Republicans that didn’t vote for Senator Thune.

Bengs was also pleased that Amendment C went down to defeat.

Both Smith & Bengs attended an Election Watch Party at the Zoo on Tuesday Night.