Detours along North Dakota Street expected until July

ABERDEEN, S.D. ( – Residents along North Dakota Street will be looking at detours until some point in July.

Work started recently on rebuilding the stretch from 15th Avenue Northeast to 24th Avenue Northeast, also known as Fairgrounds Road. Work is estimated at $1.5 million.

It means temporary access roads and the relocation of most residential mailboxes to 15th Avenue, but Aberdeen Public Works Director Robin Bobzien said there are limited utilities under the pavement, which means work will be completed that much quicker.

He estimated the job should be done in July. While it’s done, residents will have limited street access.

“We have various means to get them toward their properties,” Bobzien said. “These types of projects are more difficult.”

He said two challenges in the neighborhood are a lack of cross streets and no alley accesses.

“We have put in a side strip for people on the east side to give them a way to get into their properties,” Bobzien said.

There is still access to Holgate Middle School from the west and a way for staff to access the north parking lot, he said.

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