District 23 House Candidate Spencer Gosch talks about his campaign

ABERDEEN, S.D.(HubCityRadio)- After two years away from the South Dakota Legislature, the former South Dakota House Speaker Spencer Gosch is seeking to return to the South Dakota House representating District 23.  He appeared on the KSDN Midday Report to talk about his candidate.

Gosch once again tells us more about himself.

Gosch talks about what motivated him to run for the House seat.

Gosch discuss his priorities for District 23.

Gosch expanded on his stance on campaign finance reform.

Gosch was asked about his stance on SB201 that deals with the issue of local control.

Gosch addressed the issue of county funding and what the state legislature can potentially do to assist them.

Gosch addressed Amendment G that is the abortion amendment and asked if he would accept the will of the voters if it’s passed in November.

Gosch talks about the food tax that could be repealed by the voters in November & how that could impact the sunset clause on the State Sales Tax that 4.2% but set to expire in 2026.

Gosch was asked to distinguish himself against the two incumbents, Representatives JD Wangsness of Miller & Scott Moore of Ipswich.

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