District 23 Senate Candidate Mark Lapka discuss his campaign

ABERDEEN, S.D.(HubCityRadio)- District 23 Senate Candidate Mark Lapka(Lap-ke) appeared on the KSDN Midday Report Friday to update on campaign for that seat. If elected, it would be his first term as Senator.

Lapka tells us about him personally.

Lapka discus what motivated him to run.

Lapka talks about his priorities for District 23.

Lapka has been a proponent about placing a referendum to repeal SB201 that deals with local control.  He talks about what the role of the South Dakota Public Utilities Commission would be if implemented.

Lapka also addressed the issue of election integrity that has been brought up at other District 23 Candidate Forums not happening in the Aberdeen area.

Lapka discuss his views what the state government can do to help with funding for counties.

Lapka talks about his stance if the citizens of South Dakota does pass Amendment G that would address the issue of abortion.

Another ballot issue is the potential repeal of the grocery tax.  Lapka was asked how that vote could impact the sunset clause in place for the state sales tax.  The tax is now at 4.2% but if the sunset clause goes into effect, it would go back to 4.5%.

Lapka is facing Steve Roseland for the District 23 Senate seat.  He was asked to distinguish himself against his opponent.

You can watch the full interview at www.facebook.com/HubCityRadioNews.