District 23 Senate Candidate Steve Roseland talks about his campaign

ABERDEEN, S.D.(HubCityRadio)- District 23 Senate candidate Steve Roseland of Seneca announced his candidacy for the seat back in October of last year.  On Monday he appeared on the KSDN Midday Report to discuss his campaign.

Roseland tells us about himself.

Roseland talks about his priorities for District 23.

Roseland talks about what the role state government can play to help counties with funding.

Roseland did sign the petition to repeal SB201 that deals with local control.  He was asked what the role the South Dakota Public Utilities Commission should play addressing local control.

Election integrity was not brought up at forums in Brown County.  Other forums within District 23 has addressed this issue.  Roseland talks about whether that has been an issue in Faulk County.

Roseland’s experience with the Faulk County School Board, he was asked about the budget dealing with mandates for increase in teacher’s pay in the state.

Roseland address Amendment G that deals with the abortion amendment and whether he would accept the will of the voters if passed.

Roseland also address the initiated measure dealing with the grocery tax.

Roseland was asked to distinguish himself against his opponent for the seat, Mark Lapka(Lap-key) of Leola.

You can watch the full interview at www.facebook.com/HubCityRadioNews.