District 24 legislators weigh in on the 6% raise for education, health care workers, & state employees

PIERRE, S.D.(DRGNews)- In her budget address last month South Dakota Governor Kristi Noem proposed a 6% funding increase for the state’s “big three”– education, health care providers and state employees.

Heading into this year’s legislative session which begins Tuesday, District 24 legislators are optimistic that the proposed increase will pass.

Representative Will Mortenson says with over 10% new revenue growth last year (2021), the state’s general fund has the money.

Senator Mary Duvall (of Pierre) says 6% sounds like a lot, until you consider the current rate of inflation.

Representative Mike Weisgram (wise-gram)(of Fort Pierre) want to see at least a 6% increase for the “big three.”

Legislators on the Appropriations Committees have already begun meeting with state agencies to work through their budget requests. Appropriators will meet again Monday, ahead of Tuesday’s official start of the 97th Legislative Session.