District 3 legislators preview the 2024 legislative session

ABERDEEN, S.D.(HubCityRadio)- Members of District 3 that represents Aberdeen provided a preview of this year’s legislative session which begins on Tuesday.

Representative Brandei Schaefbauer who is on the Health & Human Services Committee believes that abortion could be on the agenda.

Representative Carl Perry who is on the Taxation Committee talks about possibly eliminating the sunset clause on the sales tax reduction.

Perry discuss the repeal of the grocery tax that could be voted on this November.

Senator Al Novstrup who is on the Agriculture Committee discuss foreign entities getting ag land in South Dakota.

Novstrup talks about the summer study he was on dealing with county funding.

Novstrup discuss a bill(SB32) that will deal with the Brown County Fairgrounds.

Brown County Fair Manager Rachel Kippley believes this could generate as much as $100,000 for the county.

Representative Perry talks about a constituent bill that could benefit someone in the community.

Representative Schaefbauer discuss a bill she’s working on in regard to eliminating popup clinics to distribute medical marijuana cards.

Schaefbauer believe this session could be more chaotic than in 2023.

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The legislative session begins on Tuesday.