District 3 leglislators discuss upcoming 2023 session

ABERDEEN, S.D.(HubCityRadio)-  Members of the District 3 team(Senator Al Novstrup, Representative Carl Perry, & Representative-elect Brandi Schaefbauer) preview what’s to come for next year’s legislative session.

Representative-elect Schaefbauer talked about the orientation process she went through last week.

Schaefbauer offed her take on the budget addres Governor Noem delivered last Tuesday.

Among the topics discussed was the construction of some of the Board of Regents projects.  NSU as it turns out not among it. Senator Al Novstrup explains why that’s the case.

When asked if they would ever go to the reserve fund which is over $400 million, here’s their response starting with Novstrup:

Representative Carl Perry:

Here’s Schaefbauer’s response.

Here’s how the legislator responded to the Governor appeal to repeal the grocery tax starting with Novstrup.

Perry talks about his support.

Schaefbauer talks about supporting it without adding new taxes from elsewhere.

The legislator also address the abortion issue especially the petition in the works for the 2024 elections. Brandei Schaefbauer:

Carl Perry:

Al Novstrup:

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