District 3 Reps Carl Perry & Drew Dennert reacts to not seeing HB1217 becoming law









ABERDEEN, S.D.(HubCityRadio)- On Tuesday, District 3 House Representative Carl Perry & Drew Dennert appeared in our studios to discuss HB1217, “Fairness in Women’s Sports” bill and why it didn’t become law.

The SD House defeated the Governor Noem’s style or form veto on a 69-2 vote.  Perry & Dennert talks how the veto was not constitutional.

When the Governor deliver the veto.  Dennert explain the letter delivered by the Governor was confusing.

During her speech on the House floor, the bill’s sponsor Rhonda Milstead criticized the SDHSAA for allowing transgenders to play in girls sports.  Both Dennert & Perry offered their opinions of the SDHSAA.

While the South Dakota House was debating whether to override the Governor’s veto of the bill, the South Dakota Senate decided to adjoruned for the season.  Carl Perry felt this was not appropriate move to make.

After the South Dakota House failed to override the veto, Governor Noem put forth 2 executive orders banning transgenders from playing sports in both the secondary schools & colleges.  Both Dennert & Perry delivered their takes on that.

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