District 3 Senate Candidate Katie Washnok talks about her campaign

ABERDEEN, S.D.(HubCityRadio)- Katie Washnok, Chair of the Brown County Republicans announced back in September of last year her intentions to run for the District 3 Senate seat.  We previewed her campaign back there.  On Tuesday, she appeared on the KSDN Midday Report to further discuss her candidacy.

Washnok reminds us about who she is.

Washnok discuss her priorities for the city of Aberdeen if elected.

Washnok wonders why emergency clauses are needed to get things done in Aberdeen.

Washnok talks about her view on SB201 that dealt with local control.

Washnok has a slogan of “I’m not on a team, I’m on your team.”  She was asked to define team and who is all on that team.

Washnok was asked about her stance on the will of the voter on a variety of ballet measures that will be coming up in November.  She responded by listening to voters within her district.

Washnok was asked if the grocery tax repeal is passed by voters, what she would do on the sales tax that dropped from 4.5 to 4.2% but had a sunset clause for 2026.

Washnok was asked about the abortion amendment which she does oppose.  She shares her story about being born.

Washnok was asked to distinguished herself against her opponent, Representative Carl Perry.

You can watch the full interview at www.facebook.com/HubCityRadioNews.