Doctors recommend getting flu shots now

MITCHELL, S.D.(KMIT)- Dr. Hillary Rockwell, formerly an emergency room physician and now the Regional President and CEO of Queen of Peace Hospital in Mitchell talks about the importance of getting your flu shots:

Dr. Rockwell recommends the flu shot for everyone but especially for those in vulnerable populations.

Dr. Rockwell comments on the wives’ tale “Feed a cold, starve a fever” and what people should do if they fall ill with the flu.

Clinics may not have the flu shot available yet or they may have temporarily run out by the time you stop by for a shot. Dr. Rockwell says, persevere with a “better late than never” philosophy towards getting a flu shot.

Many insurance plans cover the entire cost of a flu shot so there is no charge to the person
receiving one. Check with your health insurance agent or medical provider to see if this is true
for you.