Drug dealer discuss the narcotic & gun issues in Rapid City

RAPID CITY, S.D.(KOTA)- As Rapid City emergency services continue their attempt to address the areas serious narcotics problem, the flow of product into town shows no sign of slowing down.

“S” describes himself as relatively high on the local drug supplying ladder for his products – though is quick to remind the drug trafficking food chain extends well beyond Rapid City’s borders.

S, who has lived in Rapid City his whole life, says he primarily sells to smaller time dealers and large buyers, selling marijuana products in any conceivable form and psychedelic drugs like LSD and (sil-O-cy-ben) psilocybin mushrooms.

S, who isn’t even old enough to enter a bar legally, explains just how early people get caught up in this kind of business.

S explained the “stash house” system drug suppliers’ utilize.

The risk of armed robbery to drug dealers is very real – something S has experienced firsthand.

S accepted an opportunity to address those who advocate for harsher prison sentences for drug suppliers.

S has a criminal record, and said he believes he would struggle to find meaningful legal employment or financial aid for college.

South Dakota is known for its gun culture and relaxed laws, but not every transaction is happening on the books.

“S” is a relatively high-level Rapid City drug dealer, and said the criminal firearms trade very much has a home in Rapid City.

To S, children having access to firearms is a “huge issue” in the community.

S explains the logic that goes into making an illegal firearm purchase.

S said there is a link between narcotics and the illegal firearm issue.

When asked, S, while clarifying he has no interest in selling these kinds of drugs, said he believes he could have access to methamphetamine within a days’ time.