Drug dealer in Rapid City explains why she does it

RAPID CITY, S.D.(KOTA)- It’s no secret hard drugs are a major issue in Western South Dakota, with the Rapid City Police Department taking preventative measures like the implementation of a Narcan program.

However, on the other side of the coin are those risking their lives and freedom to fill the demand for product.

One individual is “J”, a Rapid City based dealer who describes herself as relatively low on the ladder of drug suppliers in West River – primarily selling marijuana.

J says for her, a person without a degree working a lower-wage job, it’s a matter of making ends meet.

J said she is “uncomfortable” with how easy it is to acquire harder drugs in Rapid City, saying – if she wanted to – she could have a commercial amount of meth within a week.

J is in her early 20’s, and says women being sexually harassed by dealers is a “serious problem”

As a marijuana legalization advocate, J said this situation highlights the fallacy of keeping marijuana illegal.

J clarified she does not want to do this long term out of fear of excessive legal repercussions, and dreams of owning her own legal small business someday.