DTOM 22/0 Ranch near Warner serves vets from across the country

WARNER, S.D. (HubCityRadio.com) – Veterans Day is Wednesday, Nov. 11. It’s a day to honor current and past military members. The DTOM 22/0 Ranch near Warner, honors and serves veterans throughout the year.

The ranch offers therapeutic horseback riding to veterans and is in the process of purchasing another horse. Chris Reder, CEO and Founder of the DTOM 22/0 Foundation, talked about the project.

The ranch serves veterans from all over the country, according to Dr. Tracy Diefenbach, combat veteran who helps at the ranch.

The DTOM Ranch does not receive any traditional funding. It raises money through fundraising or grants. Reder provided information on how individuals can contribute.

He said all money raised stays local.

Diefenbach thanked all veterans for their service.