Economic Professor Ernie Goss release his latest economic reports

OMAHA, N.E.(KELO)- The regional housing industry is showing new strength in spite of higher interest rates.

That’s one of the findings of Creighton University’s monthly survey of bankers in a ten state region.

People are still hesitant to sell their homes and face the prospect of higher interest rates on anything they purchase.

Economics professor Ernie Goss says it’s been a good month for home sales.

Goss says he doesn’t expect the housing market to remain as strong as it was last month, especially if interest rates remain higher.

The news isn’t as good for commercial real estate…especially in many urban areas.

Community banks are being hit from several directions…and that shows in a monthly bank survey.

Creighton University surveys bankers from small towns in a ten state region for the Rural Mainstreet Index.

Goss says right now, those bankers are being pressured by high interest rates and reduced checking deposits.

The bankers say the Treasury Department is backing policies to encourage more bank mergers.

They believe those policies will have a negative impact on the communities they serve.