Emerson College release Governor Noem’s approval rating

MITCHELL, S.D.(KMIT)- According to a recent poll by Emerson College, Kristi Noem’s job approval rating as Governor has fallen to 43%.  It was 61% as recently as June.  The poll shows her support amongst her fellow registered Republicans is 73%.  Governor Noem is least popular with those under 30.  Only 30% of young people think she is doing a good job.

Governor Noem has made some high profile appearances, traveling to the southern border, speaking at out-of-state political functions and appearing on Fox News leading to speculation of a possible presidential run.  Now that the race for the Republican nomination is on the supposition is that Governor Noem would make an attractive Vice Presidential nominee.  According to the Emerson poll, only 25% support the Governor’s potential selection for a place on the national Republican ticket.